Why Many Nigerian Authors Are Not Profiting From Their Works

PUBLISHER and book project consultant, Ijeoma Dicta Okoye gave the reasons why many Nigerian writers are not profiting from their published books.

Okoye, also the founder of Creative Writers and Influencers Network (CWIN), made this known recently by revealing the secrets of how she benefits from her book “Every Writer’s Secret”.

She lamented that a mistake made by potential or existing authors is to think that they will start selling their books immediately after announcing the launch without planning for a profitable launch.

She pointed out that writing books and marketing requires good planning and market research to get the results you want — except you want to write a book, print it, and decorate a shelf with it.

“You didn’t write a book to adorn your bookshelf,” she said. “You wrote it for the world. Let those who need it hear you talk about it, and they will buy it.

Okoye urged writers to learn how to make their books sought after by those who are their ideal audience. She added that it’s not just about writing a book, but a book that people want.

“Some published writers even email people, asking them to buy their books,” she said. “They do cold marketing and think that’s how other people who sell their books do it.”

To explain it better, she gave an analogy of marketing a book on menopause to a 26-year-old young woman or a book on building a start-up to a corporate executive worth millions of naira.

“The young woman will probably need a book about self-fulfillment and finding love as a single person,” she said. “And the manager will be looking for a book about accessing global opportunities and expressing corporate identity in the global economy.”

Okoye said the reason her books sell fast, especially “Every Writer’s Secret,” is because she markets them to two sets of people: those who are existing authors and those who want to master how to sell their books; and those who intend to be authors and who want to write, publish and sell their books like professionals.

She encouraged writers to think in that direction and make sure they explain the benefits of their books to people who need them.

“The moment you find the right audience,” she said, “your book will sell.”


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