We’ve had an amazing year, says UMA protocol

As 2021 draws to a close, Mhairi McAlpine, UMA community manager, looks back on the year and how she played her role in the growth of UMA.

Created in 2018, UMA (Universal Market Access) defines itself as a “decentralized financial contracts platform” that produces synthetic assets based on the Ethereum blockchain that allows its users to imitate almost all other assets available on the market.

In a year when UMA launched its “Across Protocol”, a fast and inexpensive L2-> L1 bridge as well as partnerships with Ondo Finance and Fei Protocol, it has been a successful year for the UMA team.

WBU Community Manager Mhairi McAlpine said it has been an amazing year for the team and they have received positive feedback following the launch of their Across protocol.

The launch of the Across protocol, the fastest and cheapest L2-> L1 bridge using the optimistic Oracle to secure hundreds of millions of transfer volumes is a fitting high point to end the year, ”she said. declared.

“We received recommendations to improve [the] user interface, but most people seem to really enjoy the experience of using the bridge.

“The excitement made people get really excited about the future potential of Across.”

Last month, Ondo Finance, a DeFI protocol that provides decentralized investment banking products and services, and Fei Protocol partnered with several DeFI protocols, including UMA, with $ 100 million secured in capital as they appeared ready to launch a liquidity service.

McAlpine explains why this partnership was formed and how it will positively affect WBU.

“FEI and Ondo are creating a sustainable ‘LaaS’ Liquidity as a Service program, which will help deepen UMA token liquidity and build DAO partnerships,” she said.

“UMA is used to focusing on building relationships with other DAOs in space, because we believe these synergies will allow the whole space to be more adaptive. “

The future of the UMAverse is exciting according to McAlpine who says that “Turning our community into a DAO will be a great experience” will be a project to watch in 2022 along with other plans on the horizon that the community manager has. revealed to Coin Rivet.

“The new SuperUMAn DAO will lead the DAO-DAO relationship with a particular focus on KPI options,” McAlpine said.

“Creating a ‘sub-DAO’ with special emphasis is both new and necessary as the UMA ecosystem grows.

“There is interesting development work underway on protected tokens that can reduce the impacts of hacks or rugpulls,” [which is] Still in development, but you can get a glimpse of the team’s internal learning session where UMA’s senior engineer, John Shutt, presents the concept.

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