Voters Deny Hamilton Community Schools $ 21.6 Million Bond for New Classrooms and Building Repairs

ALLEGAN COUNTY, MI – Voters rejected a $ 21.6 million 18-year school improvement bond request from Hamilton community schools in Tuesday’s general election.

The mileage failed in a vote of 1,476 to 1,279 on Tuesday, November 2, according to unofficial election results from the Allegan County Clerk’s Office. In August, a $ 65.6 million District Bond proposal was also rejected from 2,990 to 1,840.

This year’s bail request would have funded district-wide repairs and the construction of eight new classrooms at Hamilton Elementary School. He also reportedly funded a “flexible space” addition to Hamilton High School that would be used for large group instruction, testing, marching band, track and field and more.

School leaders said the proposal focused on the district’s “most immediate facility needs”.

A yes vote would not have raised taxes above the current tax rate next year, as the district will have repaid two earlier bond payments through the next tax levy, thereby reducing the district’s debt, said District spokesperson Jeremy Gonsior in MLive.

The district significantly reduced the total cost of the 2020 bond projects by $ 43.9 million, scrapping plans for a new middle school building and a new community center.

The estimated mileage that would be taken for the proposed bonds in 2022 was 1.85 thousand ($ 1.85 on every $ 1,000 of taxable valuation) for a net increase of 0 thousand over the previous year’s draw. The 1.85 would have been added to the 2.50 miles currently taken from existing bonds for a total mile rate of 4.35 miles, said Thomas Lagone, director of finance and operations.

With Tuesday’s bond proposal failing, the district will continue to levy 2.50 vintages on existing bonds, Lagone said. The district bond’s total mileage rate is expected to remain at 2.50 mills through 2025, then it will decrease as previous bonds expire.

Hamilton schools are located in Allegan County, but are among the 11 public school districts of the Ottawa County ISD. A portion of residents of Allegan County who are also residents of the Netherlands were eligible to vote on the bond. There are 387 registered voters entitled to vote in the Netherlands. The proposal failed among voters 81-36.

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