Vandal hits Waterbury nonprofit, slashes van tires

WATERBURY, Connecticut (WTNH) – The Waterbury Arch is also known as the Waterbury ARC. It’s been around for almost 70 years, helping to equip adults with developmental disabilities with skills that will give them dignity, the ability to live independently, and skills that could help them gain employment. They also strive to instill confidence in these adults.

“Oh, I’m a confident guy,” Marc Resso said. “It’s a program that I love.”

But, something happened here on Monday night that nobody likes. The association was the victim of vandalism which was filmed by video surveillance. A man punctured 9 tires on four of the pickup trucks that ARC relies on to bring staff to and from training programs and other outings. This left the normally positive staff with a flood of negative feelings.

“Upset, frustrated,” said Sandi Rodriguez, Director of Day of Service and Program Manager.

“I was furious,” said Richard Kalcznski, executive director of the ARC.

“Discouraged,” said Jarryd Maslak, IT manager and director of human resources. “It is depressing to see someone do such an act against people who are not as lucky as others.”

The vandalism angered the community of Waterbury.

“I am outraged by the vandalism,” said Francine Nido, president of Waterbury UNICO, an Italian-American community service organization. “Especially on a non-profit organization, which does such a good job in the community.”

Nido offers assistance from UNICO to help the ARC recover.

“Whether it is financially, whether it is help to provide transport while waiting,” Nido said.

The CRA says the damage cost $ 2,000. The good news is that they are covered by insurance. They also say it’s good to know people care. They hope someone in the community provides information that will help Waterbury Police make an arrest.

The ARC executive director told News 8 that this negative act would not stop them from continuing for nearly seven decades to help others. Call the police if you can help the ARC community find out who’s punctured their tires.

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