Valmark Advisers launches Innovative Target Range ™

AKRON, Ohio, Oct. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Valmark Advisers, Inc. (Valmark), a subsidiary of Valmark Financial Group, LLC, today notes the launch of the WisdomTree Target Range Fund (NYSE: GTR), a Actively managed ETF that seeks to provide capital appreciation, with a secondary objective of hedging risk. In pursuit of its investment objectives, GTR relies on the methodology of the TOPS® Global Equity Target Range â„¢ index.

The TOPS® Global Equity Target Range ™ Index was officially launched on March 19, 2021, as the first of two Target Range ™ strategies available on the market.

The index is based on the principles of the TOPS® portfolio management program launched by Valmark Advisers in 2002, which makes Valmark Advisers one of the largest and oldest ETF portfolio managers in the United States. TOPS® Target Range ™ represents the next era of evolution for Valmark Advisers, a proven innovator in investment solutions.

“We couldn’t be more excited to work with WisdomTree on this cutting edge solution,” said Michael McClary, chief investment officer of Valmark Advisers. “I have known the WisdomTree leadership team for many years, including Jonathan Steinberg, CEO, and Jeremy Schwartz, Executive Vice President, Global Head of Research. They wholeheartedly share our vision of developing and managing investment strategies designed to improve results for investors. “

Target Range ™ investing was developed to provide unique investment solutions designed to balance risk and reward. The TOPS® Global Equity Target Range ™ Index offers investment exposure to four underlying ETFs through a 15% 12-month rolling buy spread strategy, with monthly opportunities for upside recoveries. The index manages downside risk for investors on an annual basis, while providing the ability to lock in investment returns over the year through possible monthly raises. Raises reset the Target Range ™ when the value of an underlying ETF component ends a qualifying month above the short call exercise level. The new Target Range ™ locks in a higher exercise level for next January on both the long call and the short call that make up the underlying call spread.

“When Michael first shared the idea of ​​investing in Target Range â„¢ with me, I knew it was a game changer for our industry and the investors we serve,” said Jeremy Schwartz, EVP, Global Head of Research at WisdomTree Funds. “The light bulb went out and I quickly saw how this strategy could make sense for many investors. “

Valmark continues to be uniquely positioned to provide solutions to the real issues facing investors. “Many ETFs launched in recent years have been designed to solve problems initially marketed by the industry itself,” said McClary. “TOPS® Target Range ™ is an innovative solution designed to address investor concerns when developing thousands of financial plans each year. Investors often express concerns about the risk of a stock market crash and find it difficult to cope with daily market volatility. Historically, TOPS® Target Range ™ indices have reduced day-to-day volatility, compared to similar long exposure only, and the strategy is designed to provide protection over annual periods against major market crashes.

TOPS® Target Range ™ strategies represent a new way for investors to participate in the markets. “Many investors need equity exposure to achieve their investment goals, however, full equity exposure is too risky for many investors,” McClary said. “Historically, we have balanced this risk with bonds. TOPS® Target Range ™ gives investors another choice, giving them the ability to limit equity risk, without relying on bonds to contribute substantially to returns.

Target Range â„¢ investing sits between popular defined income solutions and a traditional asset allocation strategy. This is a fully managed turnkey strategy that can be used as a call and hold option or as a short term investment.

The launch of GTR by WisdomTree follows the recent launch of the TOPS® Target Range â„¢ fund by Valmark within a Variable Insurance Trust (VIT) fund. TOPS® being the first independent manager of ETF-based portfolios in the VIT space and already available from 20 different insurance companies, it was only natural that TOPS® Target Range â„¢ was added to these important solutions provided by investment companies. ‘assurance. The TOPS® Global Target Range â„¢ portfolio within VITs was launched on September 20, 2021, with Securian Financial representing the first insurer to make the fund available in the VIT space.

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Valmark Financial Group is a holding company of several subsidiaries, including Executive Insurance Agency, Inc., a national group of producers; Valmark Securities, Inc., a broker and member of FINRA and SIPC; Valmark Advisers, Inc., an investment adviser registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission; and Valmark Policy Management Company, LLC. Akron, Ohio-based Valmark Advisers is the index provider for the TOPS® Target Range ™ Indices. To learn more about Valmark Financial Group or TOPS®, visit or

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