Town Hall: Measuring support for a new central library, the cost of cleaning, the new 84th Street | Local government

Gail McNair, executive director of the foundation, said she has conducted surveys periodically over the years and with the White Lotus project underway, it’s important to know what residents want.

Pat Leach, Director of Lincoln City Libraries, at the Charles H. Gere Branch Library Thursday.

GWYNETH ROBERTS, Journal Star file photo

Leach said library officials estimated that a $ 65 million bond issue would cost the average homeowner (a home worth $ 226,000) about $ 36 per year, but they hope that a fundraising campaign or other sources of funding will require a smaller bond issue.

The survey questions provide insight into the goal: $ 22 per year for the average homeowner, according to one of the survey questions, obtained by the Journal Star.

Respondents are urged to indicate their support for this, as well as whether the city should issue bonds up to $ 40 million.

Pershing redevelopment plans move forward – with or without a library

Next year is an election year, which would be a natural time to launch a bond. Nothing has been fixed, Leach said, but it would more likely be on the November general election ballot.

Ask Leach to describe how she envisions a new central library, and she will tell you about many aspects of the survey: that it would support children and families, serve those living near the city center, and also attract people from all over the city with conference space and maker-spaces.

She said she liked the idea of ​​a public-private partnership and being part of the transformation of the Pershing Block into something new.

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