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Instead of a 60-40 portfolio, investors should try ’40-60,’ says BlackRock’s Rick Rieder

BlackRock’s chief investment officer for global fixed income said investors may be better off in the short term with 40% invested in stocks and 60% in bonds. Read more

The stock market is “oversold”, but it is better to stay bearish

Stocks are falling relentlessly and few new highs are recorded. Read more

Five sentiment indicators tell us it’s time to buy stocks — especially this group

“When everyone is crying, you better buy.” Michael Brush explains how to read investor psychology. Read more

Robert Shiller has created an index that shows investors’ fear of a stock market crash. Here is what he says now.

The Crash Confidence Index turns bullish as more investors worry about their portfolios. Read more

Our ‘golden years’ are about saving enough money – but having choice, autonomy and agency matters even more

Some financial advisors act as gerontologists, helping retirees and pre-retirees lead healthier lives. Read more

Turns out bonds can be a riskier investment now than stocks

Long-term Treasuries lost more money than stocks in 2022. Read more

One of the most reliable stock market indicators – the short-term interest rate – is near an all-time high, and that’s a bearish omen

Investors are betting heavily on a decline in stock prices. They are usually right, according to research. Read more

UK assets ‘absolutely’ a buy, says Blackstone’s Jonathan Gray

Blackstone’s chairman spoke with MarketWatch about the US and UK economies at a MarketWatch 25th anniversary event. Read more

The internet makes you a worse investor

How the “Google Effect” Affects Retirement Read More

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