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The Bhikhabhai Group has ventured into the markets of Samoa and New Zealand after listing its products with Investment Fiji to expand into different export markets.

According to a statement from Investment Fiji, this has taken the company to greater heights by providing export opportunities to regional and international markets.

Investment Fiji’s acting managing director, Kamal Chetty, said they have always been at the forefront of helping exporters with the information, advice and services they need to thrive in the world. global scale.

“Helping local businesses expand to other parts of the world is one of our key strategic goals and we are fully committed to it,” Chetty said.

“From initial considerations to shipping, Investment Fiji plays a key role in uncovering opportunities and industry insights, connecting exporters to the right authorities and buyers, and ensuring they have access to the latest market information.

Bhikhabhai Group chief executive Viraaj Lad said he was grateful for Investment Fiji’s continued efforts to take the 90-year-old brand overseas.

“The Bhikhabhai Group has done exceptionally well in the local market since its inception in the late 1920s.

“We marketed our products through online marketing with Investment Fiji and were approached by a New Zealand distributor. Since September 2021, we have sent two shipments,” Mr. Lad said.

He added that Investment Fiji provided a great platform to diversify into other markets and help build a strong relationship with other businesses.

“Overall, the journey has been good and we have managed to get to know the expectations of customers in other countries.

“Building a strong bond of relationships is key to doing business and Investment Fiji has really provided that bond.

“They communicated with us about the interests of potential importers of our products and introduced us,” he said.

The Bhikhabhai Group has invested over $5.9 million over the past decade in Fiji and is reportedly set to launch some of its new products.

“Fiji’s business environment is very conducive for business growth, which is why we continue to invest in our people, factories and machinery.

“Tax reforms and consistency in legislation have also given us a lot of confidence,” Lad said.

Bhikhabhai Group employs over 80 staff in five different stores across Fiji and specializes in premium Indian sweets and snacks.

The Bhikhabhai Group consists of Bhikhabhai and Company Pte Ltd (Bhikhabhai brand) and Swits-n-Snax (Fiji) Pte Ltd (BBC Bhuja brand).

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