“Sometimes things have to fall apart to get back together”: Patti Ashley

Everyone in their life has been confronted trauma; no matter how deep-rooted or instantaneous and superficial your feelings are, they’re all out there somewhere, waiting for you to acknowledge them and patiently deal with them.

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Psychotherapist, author and lecturer Dr Patti Ashley, while discussing her research and findings, said, “Good enough has become another unobtainable standard”, insinuating feelings of “not enough” and discomfort within all of humanity.

Deliberating on some of the ways in which chronic lack is disguised and norms induce discontent, Dr. Patti says it’s “like we’ve created a culture that thrives on not being good enough.” Media images depict unrealistic expectations, Hit is measured by graduation from top colleges, large bank accounts, children are encouraged to compete regardless of the amount anxiety follows, employers demand perfection rather than well-being.

She believes that “there is no point in criticizing anyone about what happened to you”. “Instead, recognize your ability to change your neural connections now and commit to being better with yourself.”

“When we don’t recognize our shadow, we tend to act in ways we don’t consciously understand.”

“Demystifying chronic craving also requires the willpower and tenacity to stay on the road even if you don’t know where it’s going or how long it’s going to take,” she says.

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