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Article 2 of 2022: Plans of the MSME Council for 2022

The MSME Council completed our two (2) day strategic planning workshop last week. We reviewed our progress for 2021 and considered what we wanted to accomplish in 2022 and beyond.

Our goal is to help aspiring and current entrepreneurs start or grow their business. We do this by offering three (3) lines of support; Capacity building, advocacy and market access.

Domain 1: Capacity building

In 2022, the MSME Council will develop and roll out capacity building programs for entrepreneurs in PNG. These include training programs, workshops and providing models to our members. To begin, we will survey the greatest needs and then develop programs accordingly.

Domain 2: Advocacy

Since its inception, the MSME Council has been vocal on several issues affecting small business owners. These include the impact of covid19, list of reserve activities, poor regulation of foreign retailers competing with nationals, taxation, MSME financing, market access and many more. This year, we plan to organize a symposium on MSMEs with research institutions to understand the various problems affecting this sector and develop pragmatic solutions.

Domain 3: Market access

Our MSMEs need customers. Without them, we die. The third priority we have this year is to help our members find new clients, whether nationally or internationally. One lucky MSME will have the opportunity to travel to Singapore this year to pitch their business plan to international investors to secure funding.


On the administrative level, there are several things that we are going to manage.

-Our Tax Review Committee led by Nolan Kom will make a presentation on behalf of MSMEs to IRC on Small Business Tax and how it can be extended to provide benefits to both MSMEs and IRC.

-We are planning to set up a special youth chapter for the MSME Council which will be led by young entrepreneurs. In doing so, we plan to develop and roll out specific programs and initiatives for students and young entrepreneurs. The sooner we can start them, the better.

-We also build a very detailed database of our members which includes the industries they are in, how many employees they have and what their annual turnover is. This will help us segment our MSMEs and cater specifically to their needs.

-We plan to organize a week-long MSME event this year and we will invite small businesses and sponsors to support us for this.

-Organize a minimum of 8 provincial events. Finally, membership of the MSME Council for 2022 is free.

To become a member of the Council, simply go to our website and click on the “Join” button to register.

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