Report: New NFL Sunday Ticket Format May Allow You To Buy Only Your Team’s Out-Of-Market Matches

In an incredibly exciting development for yours truly, who haven’t lived in the Seattle Seahawks market for 14 years, and countless others living all across the United States except the Pacific Northwest, the NFL single-team Sunday ticket could be on the way.

According to Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic, the NFL favors Apple to be the new supplier of its Sunday Ticket package. The main reason to be excited about this is that the Apple Sunday Ticket package could allow fans to buy off-market single-team games as well as single games.

Currently, DirecTV’s NFL Sunday ticket works in one way: a purchase of the ability to watch every NFL game off-market for the entire regular season. For the vast majority of football fans and especially those with access to Red Zone, it just isn’t worth it.

However, this change to the reported Apple Sunday Ticket would be a huge win for out-of-market fans who have been crying for it for years.

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