Public transport fares increase | Independent Geelong

Ash bolt

It will cost you a bit more to take the bus or train to Geelong as public transport fares go up. The new year saw an increase in train and bus fares, which had previously been frozen throughout the pandemic.

A daily rate increased by 40 cents, while a seven-day V / Line pass increased by $ 1.40, increasing the annual cost by $ 73. Data from the Ministry of Transport showed that the use of Geelong V / Line services increased from 26,932 trips per day in 2018-19 to 10,822 in 2020-21.

Shadow Minister of Public Transport Steph Ryan said the price hike came at the wrong time as people were being encouraged to return to city centers.

“We should encourage people to find more reasons to choose public transport for travel, not less,” she said.

“Higher rates put more pressure on people still struggling to make ends meet, on sick regional Victorians traveling to Melbourne for medical appointments, and less incentive for office workers to return to CBD . “

Public Transport Minister Ben Carroll said the fees had been kept as low as possible.

“After freezing fares last year, we are keeping this year’s public transport fare hike as low as possible to enable us to support a sustainable return to public transport,” he said.

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