Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese launches Labor Party election campaign in Western Australia

The Labor Party kicked off its federal election campaign in Perth. Follow SkyNews.com.au for more updates.

Labor kicked off its election campaign in Perth with speakers including Penny Wong, Jason Clare, Mark McGowan and leader Anthony Albanese.

Attending were former Labor Prime Ministers Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd, as well as South Australian Prime Minister Peter Malinauskas.

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Shadow Foreign Minister Penny Wong kicked off the launch by saying Australia deserved a great future.

“And on May 21, Australians have the opportunity to choose that future,” she said.

“Never doubt what a tough choice it is. Never doubt that who governs matters.

“The toughest days of the last three years have shown us that.”

Shadow Housing Minister and campaign spokesman Jason said Prime Minister Scott Morrison had let Australians down.

“Not just flying to Hawaii when our country was on fire. Or thinking he could fix it with a forced handshake,” he said.

“Not failing to buy enough vaccines while half the country was in lockdown.

“Not just leaving Australians on their roofs to escape flooding, having to hire their own helicopters. It’s more than that.

“He refuses to take responsibility for anything, and it keeps happening.”

Premier Mark McGowan highlighted Western Australia’s achievements over the past few years, highlighting strong labor management – before introducing Anthony Albanese.

“Across the country, there are only Australian states with men and women who want to see governments that care about what matters to them – quality jobs, quality health care, a protected environment and a bright future have bought them and for future generations,” he said. mentioned.

“This campaign, we’re talking to these Australians.”

Federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese says he knows Labor can do a better job.

He promises to ‘bring manufacturing home’ with a billion dollar national reconstruction fund – promising that the Labor government will develop new products here in Australia using our own natural resources.

“We will take resources like lithium and nickel, essential building blocks for the batteries that will power the vehicles of the future, and instead of shipping them to another country to make batteries, we will have what we need to make them right here. ,” Mr. Albanese said.

The Labor leader also beat the Morrison government’s commitment to cut the cost of Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme drugs by $10 per script.

“We will reduce the cost of drugs on PBS by $12.50, making them cheaper for general patients. This means that the maximum price of PBS drugs will be only $30,” he said.

Mr Albanese also promises to help Australian women get more equal pay.

“Today I am announcing that the Labor Party will make gender pay equity a goal of the Fair Work Act. We will set up expert groups on pay equity and the care sector and the community to help improve the wages and conditions of women in these sectors.

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