O’Herns Road modernizes $ 64.3 million over budget and more than two years behind schedule

Seven years ago, the Andrews Labor government pledged to deliver the O’Herns Road upgrade at a cost of $ 40.7 million to the taxpayer and said it would be completed by here 2019.

The 2016-17 state budget shows funding of $ 78 million for the project subject to equal Commonwealth funding – an important fact that Daniel Andrews did not reveal during the election campaign.

Seven years after Daniel Andrews and the Labor Party said the O’Herns Road upgrade would cost the taxpayer $ 40.7 million, it cost him $ 105 million – a blowout of $ 64.3 million dollars, more than one and a half times what Daniel Andrews said it would cost.

Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan also said it would be finished by June 2019, but it was completed just a few weeks ago, on August 31, 2021 – more than two years late.

In their haste to “keep going,” they concealed from the public that the project depended on equal Commonwealth funding, that it had not been properly defined, that it had not been properly managed, that it was failed to properly control costs and broke his word.

Daniel Andrews in an interview on June 29, 2021 said of his government’s abject failure to contain costs, “Things cost what they ultimately cost” and “Whoever made a kitchen renno for love heaven knows it “.

This is not a kitchen remodel, Premier. The public has a right to expect that this money will not be wasted and wasted, especially on a vital road project that began seven years ago that is still not delivered and costs $ 64.3 million. more than the initial quote.

The Victorians are being left behind by Labor with no plans and with multibillion budget blowouts on major projects, constant waste and mismanagement, our economic recovery is in jeopardy.

As Shadow Treasurer David Davis said:

“Although Daniel Andrews said ‘I say what I do and I do what I say’ it is clear that he and the Labor Party are not doing it. The O’Herns Road upgrade promised seven years ago is over budget by $ 64.3 million and has just been delivered two years late.

“Labor’s inability to plan, define, manage and control the costs of the O’Herns Highway Modernization Project means that $ 64.3 million less is available to support all Victorians during the COVID-19 crisis and during our recovery. “

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