Nonprofit accepts donations for sleeping bags to help homeless people


BEAUMONT, Texas – Unpredictable weather conditions in the southeastern region of Texas are affecting the homeless population, and a woman wants to help.

A sense of empathy is what makes us human, and the owner of the nonprofit “Sent Handz” said she feels compassion for those who have nowhere to go.

“With the weather in Beaumont, you never really know what the weather will be like,” said nonprofit owner Lashundra Silas. “One day the weather is cold or rainy. So my heart goes to the homeless. I have never been homeless but I can only imagine. I just want to do what I and my team can do to provide them with sleeping bags.

Silas’s mission is to distribute sleeping bags to those who have no home. It’s a small gesture, but she thinks it can go a long way.

This is one of many fundraisers that his non-profit organization has organized to serve our community.

From turkey drives to toy drives, their hearts never stop giving. Silas launched Sent Handz last year and now has six employees.

“I created this organization last year and have been doing it for years,” said Silas. “But I started last year. I’m just trying to help those in need and help them where we can. Some needs are more important than others. We’re just trying to do one person at a time.

Sent Handz is accepting donations until January 22.

You can donate in person or send a cash donation through CashApp. If you want to give back but don’t have the resources, volunteering goes a long way.

“We love volunteers. We always need a helping hand, ”said Silas. “But the volunteers are great, give us a call and we’ll let you know where we are, so you can come and help us serve the community.

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