Modern Warfare plot developments that have occurred in Multiplayer Seasons and the Warzone

In 2005, Call of Duty 2 has been published with great success. Its campaign, in particular, was highly regarded for its incredible atmosphere and settings. The game’s narrative, while fairly simplistic by modern video game standards, was more than adequate for a mid-2000s WWII first-person shooter. But times have changed and the Modern audiences want more complex and interlocking narratives that aren’t limited to a short campaign mode.


With every movie studio in Hollywood trying to create their own Marvel Cinematic Universe, it would make sense for the gaming giants to want to do the same. Starting with Fortnite, large multiplayer games began to introduce seasons, where new weapons, skins, and maps would be added to the game, often accompanied by small cutscenes that would advance the lore or story of the game. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare did exactly that thing and left a lot of its history hidden in multiplayer and War zone rear channels.

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The story so far

The 2022 Call of Duty plot has reportedly been leaked online.

To understand the plot developments made in Modern waris multiplayer and War zone seasons, it’s worth having a quick reminder of the events of the game’s main campaign. The game opens in Verdansk, a place many are familiar with. Central protagonist and player character, CIA agent Alex, is intercepted and the shipment of deadly chemicals he was carrying is stolen. It doesn’t take long before Captain Price of the SAS is recruited by the CIA to hunt down the chemicals.

Meanwhile, members of the Al-Qatala terrorist group stage a brutal attack on Piccadilly Circus in London, and Price and his team, containing the other player character Kyle Garrick, are dispatched to deal with the situation. The chemicals trail takes the team to Urzikstan, where Alex teams up with local guerrilla warrior Farah Karim, who joins the task force in agreement that they will help him overthrow the Russians in his home country if she does. finds the chemicals.

After a particularly brutal mission in a London townhouse, the SAS team is sent to search for a terrorist leader named “The Wolf”. In Urzikstan, Alex and his team of US Marines capture The Wolf, prompting his partner, known as “The Butcher”, to launch a counterattack against the US Embassy in the country. In an attempt to recapture the wolf, Farah takes Alex along the “Highway of Death” on a very memorable sniper mission. It is then revealed that Farah’s brother, Hadir, was the one who intercepted the shipment of chemicals in Verdansk. Hadir uses the chemicals to create a deadly gas, which he tests on Al-Qatala and Russian forces in the region.

As a result of this mission, an extended flashback plays out, showing the events of Farah and Hadir’s childhood. It is revealed that Farah and Hadir were captured as children after an attempt to flee the country following its Russian invasion. The two then spent the next ten years in a Russian prison, hatching their plan to one day fight. The flashback ends with a rescue mission, where Price brings the two out of the Russian prison.

Nowadays, Price and the team make their way to the Wolf’s hideout and eventually manage to get him out, but since he is no longer in possession of the chemical gas, the US government is forced to condemn Farah’s guerrilla movement which pushes Alex to quit the CIA and continue fighting with Farah’s rebels. With little to do, Price and his team meet a former Russian contact, Nikolai. With his help, Price’s task force manages to capture The Buther, and after a series of ruthless interrogations, he relents and tells the team that Hadir is going after Russian General Barkov in his own domain in Moldova.

Garrick and Price manage to intercept Hadir and learn that the Russian general has a factory that makes more deadly chemicals. All of the characters come together in the final mission to attack the Barkov Chemical Factory, with Alex seemingly sacrificing himself to blow up the complex. Farah cuts off Barkov’s escape and kills him, before running away with the rest of Price’s team.

The last moments of Modern warPrice’s campaign sees Price creating Task Force 141, the team he led in the original Modern war Games. The file seen at the end features fan favorite characters like Ghost and Soap, as well as that game’s player character Garrick.

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Everything in Modern Warfare Multiplayer / Warzone

Call of Duty War Zone

Although most of the main plot developments occur in Modern warIn subsequent multiplayer seasons, there is some plot information that occurs in the game’s underrated Special Ops mode. During the mode, players team up with FSB’s Kamarov, another character from the game. original Modern war. The players, as part of a new faction called the Armistice, are tasked with eliminating a number of Al-Qatala henchmen across Verdansk. At the end of the game mode, it is revealed that Zakhaev, the character whose player cuts his arm off in the original, is funding Al-Qatala and that Al-Asad is the new leader of the terrorist organization.

Back in Verdansk, the following seasons of War zone and Modern war In multiplayer, the coalition and allegiance factions break their alliance as Al-Qatala forces launch a series of chemical gas attacks throughout Verdansk, forcing each side to fight each other for try to evacuate the city. The all-new Task Force 141 sends Alex (who didn’t die in that factory explosion) to Verdansk to help the newest member of Team Ghost.

Task Force 141 learns that Zakhaev sent and hid valuable weapons in the bunkers of Verdansk. Garrick and Price join Ghost and Alex in Verdansk as a new faction of mercenaries called the Shadow Company tracks down Zakhaev. It is revealed that Zakhaev used a series of interconnected metro lines under Verdansk to move around undetected. Nikolai and Farah are sent to take control of the metro and restore the city’s rail system. The task force learns that Zakhaev is hiding in a nuclear bunker and intercepts him, Price pulling him into the silo below.

The latest plot development found in War zone which refers to Modern war is a final radio call in which Price is asked by Soap for help somewhere nearby “off the coast.” Fans are hoping they haven’t seen the last of Task Force 141, and with the rumor that the next one Call of Duty will be Modern warfare 2, that seems quite likely.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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