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Price in Ghillie Suit(Activision-Blizzard)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 the campaign resumes 3 years after that of 2019 modern warfare, bringing a fully assembled Task Force 141 to the forefront as an international terrorist threat rears its ugly head. Opening with a successful drone strike that eliminates the leader of Al Qatal, the team soon discovers that the terrorists are working with a global cartel to distribute American-made missiles. Of course, the war on drugs is now also the war on terrorism. So now Captain Price, Kate Laswell, Ghost, Soap, Gaz, and newcomer Alejandro Vargas must search for those ballistics before dropping a gender reveal party on several US targets. The story here has strayed far from the familiar 2009 terrain. modern warfare 2, for the better as the many twists now land as intended even though they are nowhere near the same Calibur as the originals. Another character returns, a General Shepard without a mustache, looking a bit more like a certain military man from Battlestar Galactica than the Shepard you might remember. Unfortunately, despite its cutting-edge graphics, gorgeous score, lively and satisfying combat, modern warfare 2 it feels like trying out a “best of” Infinity Ward game, resulting in what is a high-level shooter with mid-level delivery. I am Andrew Hamilton for Cableand I will tell you why this game is a poor compilation of best games but with the best gameplay in the series.

-First off I’ll state the obvious, modern warfare 2 hits a new high in graphics fidelity. Dust and dirt blow off an almost photo-realistic mountain as you make your way to a recon point, then backtrack to reveal Ghost scouting out a new target for a drone strike. Those opening moments quickly set the bar high for what the game’s visuals and beautiful art direction have to offer. From sweeping Mexican vistas, to a real cloned area of ​​Amsterdam, to the streets of Chicago, this game is global on a fantastical level. With internationality comes great changes in variety. I encountered a lot of pop-in while flying the AC-130 as Company Shadow and some weird texture issues during the wanna be”All ghillie” mission (more on these retreads in a moment) but overall the performance and brilliance expected of a high-end Call of Duty game was on full display.

Varied as the levels were however, modern warfare 2 clearly felt the menacing shadow of the 2009 original looming over it, as most of the game missions seem to be the best of what worked in the 2019 game mixed with fan favorites from modern warfare past. This, to some extent, works well enough to provide fun, but I felt like it got in the way of creative encounters. Personally, I hated the CCTV mission section in the 2019 reboot campaign and the equally boring version of this game just reminded me of how bad this one was. On the other hand, I loved the mission that had you tactically clear a house of terrorists, so naturally this game said “oh, yeah I’ve got plenty”. That’s fine, but building on those early successes meant the content felt a little too familiar. On the other hand, there are things like the “All ghillie” style mission that replicates the original until waiting for the soldier to pass. I love the original mission, and sniping is probably my favorite activity in an FPS, but my god didn’t it have the same thrill and feel as that first time around. Meanwhile, missions that were new overstayed their welcome with long sections dedicated to stealth exploration through enemy-infested Mexican streets, using a new crafting mechanic that felt somehow thrown. There is also a problem in some of the point mechanics like this. For example, armored plates arrive briefly in the game’s final mission, but are not picked up or equippable anywhere else in the story. The chase scene could have been fun, but incorporating the manual training mechanics of war zone really bothered the pace. I enjoyed most of what this one had to offer, but yeah, it felt like a modern warfare not sure who it is. Striving for the heights of the 2009 game but failing to deliver a cohesive story that even felt connected to the first game. I mean we’re introduced to General Shephard in the flesh in this game and if you know what happens in the original, even his missing Stache won’t make the twist any less obvious. Also, don’t waste kill time for single player games by putting squishy armored characters in the game.

-Before I get to my verdict, I want to talk about missions involving the cartel. Infinity Ward has become Americanized Narco’s/ CSI: Miami approach making them the most stereotypical Mexican drug addicts of all time. Also, the depiction of the Mexican military as consumable without consequences because “these guys work for the cartel” is both insulting to the Mexican military I guess, but also what are you talking about?! You can’t just blast and shoot allied military units under the guise of “it’s okay, Alejandro says these guys are gross and evil.” The back half of this story should have been about all the Allied nations coming together to get angry at the American TF 141 pellet dropping a sizable number of uniformed servicemen. MW3 should be oops, we accidentally caused an international incident and now Mexico is being pushed into war with the US and being offered help by Russia. Which would be a much more interesting twist than the one we actually got. That Russia is turning allies against us to wage a US-Mexico proxy war is a terrifying thought, JESUS.

Spoiler alert here, so jump straight to the on-screen timecode if you don’t want the details spoiled.

TF 141
TF 141(Activision-Blizzard)

The Shadow Company plays a fun role in the story, but you don’t really connect with the player character, so anything involving them feels flat. Their leader, Phil Graves (get it? Because he fills the graves), has one of the most impactful faces I’ve ever seen…I don’t have more, just wanted to say how impactful he is. Shadow Company is honestly the part of this that seems the most unstable. Using private mercenaries is really weird in a game like this, because the whole point of TF 141 is going in the dark and in a way that no one would want them even there. Outsourcing this to this blonde model posing as a soldier just makes it seem Call of Duty didn’t want to answer the tough questions of what over-patriotism looks like, a central theme of the original. This doesn’t give us a memorable twist, as the Shadow Company owes allegiance to no one but a paycheck. Shephard’s turn comes and he’s just gone for the rest of the game. No real betrayal seen, no sense of a patriot doing what he feels is “necessary” to keep his county safe. We end up with a brutal mercenary, on US ORDERS, unchecked, but somehow the US is not responsible for their actions? IT steals the twist from any sting and makes all the obvious signs feel like being hit with bricks along the road to a broken end.

-Look at the overall experience here is less Zero-Dark Thirty and more from Michael Bay Narcos. A fun and explosive story, with one-note characters not asking real questions and finding it’s too late to be the best the series has to offer. Its unearned twists and turns are predictable, but honestly the gameplay is too high-end to ignore. So I will say that for giving me 7 hours of good times, this campaign gets a seven. If you want to see more modern warfare 2 coverage stay tuned to Hardwired. Multiplayer is under separate review, so keep an eye out for that next week.

Evaluation(Andrew Hamilton)

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