Mobile Web Gateway 3.0 – Slope Wallet Downloads Exceed 600,000

Singapore, Singapore – (Newsfile Corp. – January 13, 2022) – As one of Slope Finance’s core products, the Slope Wallet is emerging as a useful and influential product for the mobile market. Since June 22, 2021, date of the launch of the Android and iOS applications of Slope wallet, Slope wallet has experienced a high growth rate, with downloads increasing by 10% per month since September. Additionally, Slope peaked in growth in the last month of 2021, with 200,000 downloads in December alone. As a result, the Slope portfolio officially surpassed the benchmark of 600,000 users and became a central part of the Web 3.0 infrastructure.

Slope wallet downloads exceed 600,000

As a mobile wallet with over 600,000 users, the Slope wallet has grown rapidly in just six months, thanks to the investment of early contributors and the opportunities offered by the Solana ecosystem.

The Slope Wallet aims to be the best mobile gateway for Web 3.0, with a mission to create the most reliable decentralized financial product. The Slope portfolio is accelerating towards this goal with product services, fiat payment portals and Web 3.0 access functionality to keep ahead of its competitors.

Product Services: Slope Wallet, as the premier mobile wallet on Solana, supports multiple platforms (Android, iOS and Chrome) with a fast arrival rate allowing users to complete less than second transactions. The wallet is based on the asset flow pool provided by Raydium, allowing users to trade quickly. In addition, Slope Nucleus allows users to focus on the latest news, rankings and activities from Solana. And finally, Slope NFT Market allows users to easily access the NFT market on their mobile phones, thus increasing the visibility of Solana’s NFT market.

Fiat payments: The partnership with Moonpay makes Slope the first Solana ecological wallet with a fiat portal. Slope users can now purchase crypto assets through Moonpay’s fiat portal. In addition, the partnership offers broad access to the mobile-first market for both parties.

Web 3.0 Access: The Slope Wallet provides users with a one-stop service platform where users can access all Web 3.0 projects in the Solana ecosystem, including popular industries like DeFi, NFT, GameFi, etc. . Aggregating these Web 3.0 projects gives Slope users access to in-place Web 3.0 projects.

With a mission to be the gateway for Web 3.0, the Slope wallet will support multiple chains such as Ethereum, BSC and Terra in the first quarter of 2022. Additionally, Slope will help users move assets between different blockchains.

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