Mission Store Finds Box Butte Nonprofits | New

The Mission Store Inc. is giving its 14th annual mini-grants to Box Butte County and you thought it was just a place to drop off second-hand items for sale.

In 2020 alone, the Mission Store Grant Committee awarded a total of $ 53,796 to local organizations. Considering the fact that the store has been closed for several months due to COVID, it’s a wonder they were still able to award so many mini-grants.

The Hemingford Splash Pad Project and the Hemingford Cross-Country Ski Team were among the mini-grant recipients, along with Santa’s Helpers, Box Butte County Large Animal Livestock Committee, Guardian Belles LERC, Alliance Chamber of Commerce, Capstone Child Advocacy Center, United Way of Western Nebraska, serving Box Butte and Dawes counties, Alliance Teammates, NCAP Head Start Program, Area 1 OHD, Carnegie Arts Center, Panhandle Blocks Quilts of Valor, Alliance Recreation Center, Keep Alliance Beautiful, Keep Alliance Beautiful (Garden) & (Scavenger Hunt), Backpack Program, Indian Mission Church of God Ministerial Association & Homeless Ministry.

The Mission Store is more than just a second-hand clothing and miscellaneous store. It is a non-profit organization, run only by volunteers. Not a person is paid at the store.

“The reason is that all the money earned can and is used for the benefit of our city, our county and its people,” said Sherri Fry, vice-chair of the Mission Store Grant Committee.

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