Mintas denies PlayUp claims and promises legal response | TIME

Dr Laila Mintas, the former US chief executive of PlayUp, responded to allegations that she worked to harm the company, saying they were totally bogus.

The executive said his attorneys were preparing a response to PlayUp’s allegations, which were used to secure a temporary restraining order against Mintas in the United States District Court for Nevada.

His dossier contained a number of allegations, claiming that the executive “was threatening to harm [PlayUp’s] reputation with gaming regulators, business and trading partners and customers “and” threatened to ‘burn PlayUp to the ground’ “.

Further, he alleged that Mintas warned a potential acquirer, the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, of “systemic issues” that led to the collapse of the proposed $ 450 million deal.

Dr Laila Mintas

However, Mintas responded by saying that “all of the claims made in the documents are false.”

She said she remains a major shareholder in PlayUp and has invested seven-figure sums in the company.

“It makes no sense that I would have made any of those comments that are cited in the file or tried to destroy a deal to sell PlayUp because I would have benefited from it along with all the other shareholders,” Mintas said. to iGB.

Referring to the failed FTX sale, Mintas pointed out that the operator was in possession of an email from the exchange outlining the reasons for rejecting the transaction. She’s committed to taking this to the Nevada court.

She added that the terms of the restraining order precluded her from commenting in full, but pointed to the work done to grow the business since her appointment to the U.S. CEO in July 2020 as proof of her success. commitment to the company.

Mintas said she created the company “from scratch” as the only American employee for a year and a half of that time. During that time, she built a strong team, oversaw the brand’s launches in Colorado and New Jersey, and secured market access for other states.

This ultimately led to PlayUp being called “the sleeping giant” in the industry. “My hard work created a valuation of over $ 400 million just because of the US market alone,” she said.

“If someone is trying to stop you from talking to US regulators, that says it all,” Mintas added.

The temporary restraining order set Mintas a December 13 response deadline, with PlayUp then required to file its response by December 15, before a Las Vegas court hearing the next day.

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