Local nonprofit raises awareness of gun violence – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

As we learn more about the Uvalde school shooting, a North Texas mother – who lost her son to gun violence – calls for action.

His nonprofit organization, Journey4ward, held its annual Gun Violence Awareness Expo in Fort Worth.

Inside the Westside Unitarian Universalist Church are mothers and community members working to end gun violence.

Cathy Taylor founded Journey4ward in honor of her son Corey Taylor.

“We lost our son-to-son to gun violence in 2013. It was just a coincidence – he was in an apartment, in a friend’s apartment minding his own business, and it was just a fluke,” Taylor said.

It wasn’t easy to get help with the pain of losing him.

“I found that I wasn’t getting the support from my community or the support that I thought I could use. So I created my own support system,” Taylor said.

Part of his non-profit work is to organize an annual exhibition.

There was a blood drive, a CPR course, an expert panel including law enforcement, church and civic leaders, and active shooter training, led by a former Fort Worth police officer.

Taylor hopes the tools people learn — and what they do in the meantime — can help save lives.

“The things we can do as ordinary citizens are to contact your local elected officials. Vote, don’t just vote in the presidential election, vote in your community. Community elected officials hold a lot of power,” Taylor said.

Journey4ward serves victims of gun violence and offers free services, including traumatic bereavement counselling.

You can learn more here: https://www.journey4ward.org

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