Liberal MP Tim Smith resigns after car crash driving more than twice the legal limit

At the corner of Power and Denham streets in Hawthorn, a fence was torn off in the crash, with tire marks on the natural lane and trail. Broken auto parts left at the scene were collected by interested residents of Hawthorn on Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Smith is one of Opposition Leader Matthew Guy’s closest confidants and was instrumental in his return to leadership in September. The MP for Kew had leadership ambitions and was one of the Coalition’s most recognized parliamentarians.

He has garnered national attention over the past two years with his outbursts against Prime Minister Daniel Andrews, calling him an “asshole”, “dictator” and “friendless loser”. In a profile post last year, he said Age he was simply doing his job as a member of the opposition: confronting the government.

Mr Guy is expected to issue a statement later today and will have to find a new shadow attorney general. The opposition leader was asked at the time about his decision to appoint Mr Smith, who does not have a law degree, as the shadow attorney general. Although it is not mandatory for the highest magistrates in the state to have a law degree, it is a convention.

The other three law-graduate coalition MPs are Ed O’Donohue, who will resign from Parliament at the end of this year, former leader Michael O’Brien who had told Mr Leader, and Neale Burgess who was dumped of the shadow cabinet after the spill.

In July 2018, Mr Guy pressured former Liberal upper house MP Simon Ramsay to resign from state politics after being caught driving drunk. He had passed the 0.19 percent value – nearly four times the legal limit of 0.05 – shortly after being pulled over by police at Barwon Heads.

Mr Guy said he was angry when Mr Ramsay called him to tell him he was caught driving drunk and “asked him to think about his future”. “He admitted he did the wrong thing, he paid a very high price for it and frankly he should do it,” Guy said of Mr. Ramsay at the time.

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