Last headlines of the night in UK: Boy killed at SnowDome named, rushes jerry cans, labor unrest

Police named a 12-year-old boy who died in an incident at an indoor ski and snowboard center.

Louis Watkiss, of Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, died Friday night after being seriously injured at the SnowDome in Tamworth, Staffordshire police said.

Posting a photo of the youngster, police said in a statement: “Police were called at 6:40 pm on September 24 to report that a child had been seriously injured at the SnowDome.

“Officers attended the scene, as well as paramedics.

“Sadly, Louis died of his injuries shortly thereafter.”

The force added, “Louis’ family is supported by specially trained officers.

“We ask everyone to respect the right of the family to grieve in private during this extremely difficult time.

“Staffordshire Police continue to investigate the circumstances with support from the Health and Safety Executive.”

Sales of jerrycans “17 times higher than normal” in the midst of the fuel crisis

The fuel crisis has led to increased demand for jerry cans and transportation that does not involve joining long lines, new figures show.

Halfords saw a 17-fold increase in the number of jerry cans sold over the weekend compared to the same period a week earlier.

Containers, used by motorists to store fuel, were the fourth most common search term on the retailer’s website.

But some service stations are rationing fuel to allow as many people as possible to refuel their vehicles.

Halfords also saw a 23% increase in bicycle sales, as demand for e-bikes more than doubled.

Shadow cabinet minister resigns after attacking Keir Starmer at labor conference

Sir Keir Starmer’s Labor conference was rocked by the resignation of a shadow cabinet minister, who accused him of further dividing the party and abandoning his commitments.

Andy McDonald, one of the last left-wing members of the shadow cabinet, accused the Labor leader of failing to honor “our commitment to socialist policies” as he resigned as shadow secretary for labor rights on Monday.

The MP, who also served under Sir Keir’s predecessor Jeremy Corbyn, said the leader’s office asked him to oppose a national minimum wage of £ 15 an hour and statutory sick pay living wage.

“This is something I couldn’t do,” Mr. McDonald wrote.

“After several months of pandemic when we pledged to support key workers, I cannot now look these same workers in the eye and tell them that they are not worth a salary to live on, or that they do not deserve. not safe when they are sick.

Couple comes out of retirement to turn canal boat into original candy store

A couple who came out of retirement during lockdown have put together a traditional candy store with a unique twist – it’s set up on a canal boat.

Pat Creaven, 61, and his wife Jill usually sail their boat along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal and open the floating candy store at various stops along the route.

Their home shop, called Pendle Witch Sweets, sells traditional hand-measured sweets for £ 1 per 100 grams

Pendle Witch Sweets sails between Rodley in Leeds, West Yorkshire, to Foulridge in Pendle, Lancashire.

The couple bought their barge in 2017 and planned to spend their retirement cruising the canals of the UK and Ireland.

But their plans were to change when – during the lockdown – entrepreneur Pat bought an old scale and decided to open a candy store on the boat.

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