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Fabian Society general secretary Andrew Harrop, whose group published Sir Keir Starmer’s pamphlet “The Road Ahead”, spoke to and was asked to comment on the recent party conference Labor. Mr Harrop was asked who he said performed well at the event that was not Sir Keir, with think tank boss pointing fingers at Phantom Chancellor Rachel Reeves. He explained that the MP had only been in office for a short time, but gave a rousing speech that exposed her to many voters, perhaps for the first time.

Speaking to, Mr Harrop explained: “The most remarkable performance was that of Rachel Reeves, the fictional chancellor.

“[She has] not been in office for so long and a lot of people have never met her before.

“She came across as believable as someone who could be in Rishi Sunak’s shoes.

“Passionate about the causes she believes in and really wanting to change the economy.

“We saw some really big announcements from her, especially on tackling climate change, but she also looked responsible and trustworthy.

“She really underlined how much she was going to take care of the public finances and be responsible.”

Rachel Reeves was named fictitious chancellor in May following a Labor reshuffle following the Batley and Spen by-election.

Ms Reeves took over from Anneliese Dodds and delivered a speech at the Labor Party conference which outlined the party’s economic goals.

In her speech, Ms Reeves said: “I will be a responsible Chancellor. I will be Britain’s first Green Chancellor.

“I will invest in good jobs in the green industries of the future, giga-factories to build batteries for electric vehicles.

“A thriving hydrogen industry, offshore wind turbines with turbines made in Britain, planting trees and building flood defenses, keeping homes warm and cutting energy bills, good new jobs in communities across Great Britain. “

Mr Harrop also told he believed the Labor Party had succeeded in “reversing” a poor start to the conference and believed the party was now seen as a “government on hold”.

The Fabian Society has also published research on how the Labor Party can win more than 150 marginal seats to allow the party to win the next general election.

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