Khursheed Shah released from prison after 25 months

SUKKUR: PPP mainstay Khursheed Shah was released from prison on Saturday after being jailed for 25 months on an asset case beyond his means, after which he called the period a test for him.

The former opposition leader in the National Assembly has been released after an audit court verified the Supreme Court’s order for his release on bail – which was issued two days ago.

Shah’s son had posted bonds worth Rs 10 million in the court of accounts as security against his father’s bond. After his release from Sukkur central prison, the PPP workers extended a warm welcome to the leader.

Shah was arrested by the Sukkur section of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on September 18, 2019.

In July 2021, the Sindh High Court rejected Shah’s bail application.

Although the Supreme Court approved Shah’s release on bail, he asked the anti-corruption watchdog to continue investigating the case.

Speaking to party workers after reaching his residence, Shah said he had been behind bars for two years, and it was a test for him. But despite my imprisonment, they could not prove anything, he added.

“I was thrown behind bars because of my love for the people,” he said, adding that he had no reservations against anyone who sent him to prison.

“Plots have been hatched against me […] attempts have been made to present me as separate from PPP, “he added.

The main anti-corruption watchdog had arrested Shah, who they said had acquired assets worth 700 million rupees on behalf of his leaders with ill-gotten money.

Senior NAB officials investigating the case claimed to have acquired several important files / records from the Sukkur District Administration, where revenue officers shared important details, which ultimately led to Shah’s arrest. from Islamabad.

“We have obtained the details of all of Mr. Shah’s assets and property, the names of his family and his henchmen,” a senior NAB official said. The NAB official claimed that the Sukkur NAB team had access to documents, which revealed that Shah through his friend acquired the New Taj Hotel, Shikarpur road Sukkur, worth Rs250 million.

A petrol pump worth around Rs 90 million in Rohri Road in the name of Qasim Shah (benamidar / leader), has also been acquired, another NAB official said.

A bungalow in the name of Pappu Mahar (benamidar / frontman) on government land was also allegedly built by Shah using bribes, a senior NAB official revealed.

In addition, a hotel named Gulf Hotel was also reportedly built by the PPP mainstay in Rohri on behalf of a benamidar / leader where the money was arranged through bribes by local entrepreneurs, the official added. on condition of anonymity.

NAB officials further claimed that Shah as an MP also abused his authority and secured huge contracts for his partners and agents including M / s Umar Jan and Com, Nawab and Com etc. , in the interior of Sindh, where millions of rupees have been embezzled. .

The NAB is also investigating Khursheed properties, located in Sukkur, Rohri and Karachi, NAB officials have revealed. Mukesh Flour Mills, Glamor Bungalow, Junejo Flour Mills and 83 other properties are registered against the names of Shah’s alleged leader Pehlaj Rai, they revealed.

Officials further claimed that some 11 properties were registered in the name of another leader, Lado Mall, and 10 properties were registered in Hussain Soomro’s name. Officials added that more high-level arrests are also expected in Sindh. These arrests are said to be linked to this case, they said.

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