Joseph Damond, BIO graduate, joins Edelman Global Advisory

WASHINGTON: Just over a year after launching a venture aimed at helping companies navigate changing geopolitics and economics, Edelman has hired a government relations veteran to focus on health policy.

Joseph Damond, who has worked in the private and government sectors, will serve as senior health advisor for Edelman Global Advisory, which parent network Edelman DJE Holdings launched after its acquisition of strategic advisory firm Basilinna last August.

Prior to joining EGA, Damond spent a decade at Biotechnology Innovation Organization, most recently as Deputy Director of Policy and Executive Vice President for International Affairs.

“With the launch of Edelman Global Advisory, we’re really focused on policy, regulation and health affairs, and we needed someone to lead that team,” said Deborah Lehr, CEO and Managing Partner. from EGA.

Damond, who is based in Washington, DC, also worked as vice president of international government relations for Pfizer. He managed the company’s international trade and commercial issues with federal and foreign governments, including efforts regarding market access and intellectual property provisions in the interstate free trade agreement. United States and Korea, Edelman said in a statement.

Early in his career, Damond worked for the Department of Commerce on bilateral and multilateral trade issues. He spent more than a decade as Deputy United States Trade Representative for Asia and the Pacific.

“[Damond joined EGA to help clients] navigate the waters of health policy in countries around the world, including the United States,” he said. “It’s just a natural continuation, really, of what really interested me in doing for a lot of my career.”

Edelman started EGA because “companies are becoming more global but need to navigate this changing landscape,” Lehr said. “There was recognition of the opportunities in this space if Edelman showed that she was willing to invest in building this type of new consulting business.”

Challenges customers face, she said, include supply chain issues, evolving U.S.-China relations and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There are obviously great demands for healthcare and healthcare commerce, but there have also been some challenges in the global market,” including China’s response to COVID, Damond said. “Those are all sorts of things that we’re going to be looking at closely.”

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