Indian soccer | Head coach Stimac slams AIFF crisis after Asian Cup qualification

Indian national team head coach Igor Stimac has questioned the timing of the AIFF administrative issues, which cast a shadow over India’s Asian Cup qualification FCA

Indian national team head coach Igor Stimac has questioned the timing of the AIFF administrative issues, which cast a shadow over India’s Asian Cup qualification FCA

Indian football team head coach Igor Stimac has denounced the disorderly situation of the national federation (AIFF), a day after his team qualified for the AFC Asian Cup for the second consecutive time.

The AIFF is currently governed by the Committee of Trustees (CoA) appointed by the Supreme Court after the federation led by Praful Patel was found guilty of violating the National Sports Code.

While an immediate suspension by FIFA due to third-party interference is off the table, Stimac questioned the timing of the issue, which cast a shadow over India’s qualification for a tournament prestigious like the AFC Asian Cup.

“For such an important tournament, was it the right time to do it? Did anyone think how much it could affect the dressing room and the players?” Stimac asked, referring to the current AIFF situation.

“I don’t ask who is right and who is wrong. It’s not my job. I’m just talking about timing. At such an important moment such a thing happens, is anyone normal? ”

“Nothing would have happened if they had waited three more weeks after waiting so many years,” he said.

The Stimac contract

The 54-year-old, whose contract has been extended until September, also didn’t mince words when asked about his future.

“We haven’t had time to talk about contracts. We don’t even have a board. Nobody thought about how this drama could affect the players,” said the Croatian.

India’s qualification was sealed ahead of their final league game against Hong Kong on Tuesday when Palestine recorded a 4-0 victory over the Philippines in a Group B game in Mongolia.

Stimac’s side celebrated qualifying with an emphatic 4-0 win over Hong Kong later in the day as they finished with three wins in Group D, their best campaign ever.

Came to India for “less pay”

Stimac further pointed out that he came to India for “less pay” despite having several offers in hand.

“The players are trying to save my job. I came here for less pay than what was my market price. I had offers from others for better paying jobs than what I saw in India. The coach has never been the problem in this country, you should talk about other issues,” he said.

“We are looking ahead to where we want to be. We want to be in all the Asian Cups and we also want to compete strongly for the World Cup Qualifiers, which was made clear at the start of my tenure,” Stimac said.

“Be it AIFF or the government. Beware of the Indian national team. We represent India, if there are ambitions in the country to think where we can be, they must follow our motto” , did he declare.

India began their campaign with a 2-0 victory over Cambodia and then secured a 2-1 win over Afghanistan. The icing on the cake came when they swept table leaders Hong Kong 4-0 to advance to the top of the group.

Focus on the I-League

Stimac further explained his terms to stay here, saying he would like to make the I-League a fertile ground for Indian football.

“In the Indian Super League, there is already the 3+1 rule. But we have to completely reduce the foreigners from the I-League in the future if we want to move forward,” he said.

“I need players playing as strikers or strikers and centre-backs. I need reasons why there is a need for foreigners in the I-League. I would give you 100 reasons why there is no no need for foreigners in the I-League.

“Some things will have to change drastically. In the future, if I’m here, the league will have to stop when I say, for as many days as I think it takes for the national team to prepare to go higher. “, did he declare. .

“And the players that we will choose, they will have to play in the clubs… We are eight to ten years behind in our development programme… eight to ten years behind the top eight Asian countries. How are we going let’s go? So let’s wake up, ”he said.

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