How British mourners are making a profit after viewing the Queen’s coffin

As The mirror reported, those joining the queue to pass Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin were given wristbands at the start of their journey. With these color-coded wrist ornaments, they could leave the queue for brief periods (to use facilities or get refreshments) and then rejoin at the same location. After finally reaching the silent and solemn room, they then emerged into the bracing London air, mission accomplished and with a new bracelet as proof.

What have many people tried to do with these bracelets? Sell ​​them for a tidy profit on eBay, it seems. The Mirror reports that band listings have become incredibly common and have appeared faster than they could be deleted. Several sales on the morning of September 18 had exceeded £10,000 (about $11,400). That was just the start of things, however.

Early in the afternoon that same day, by Subway, eBay had released a statement on the item. “These items are against our policies and we are removing them from our site,” the statement said, according to the outlet.

By eBayUnder the Event Ticket Policy, sales of these items are strictly controlled. “For primary ticket sales, you must clearly indicate that this is an authorized first sale of the ticket and is listed directly by the artist, team, promoter or organizer,” indicates the policy of the technology company. These wristbands, being non-transferable, break the rules, being technically entry tickets. Opportunity to earn lost money.

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