Fortnite Fallen Light Pack: What’s Included?


Image provided by Epic Games.

Fortnite’s Item Shop has always been a mixed bag for many players, as some days will have cool items while others won’t. However, packs have always featured unique and cool items at a good price, with Starter Packs being the paragon of value in the Battle Royale game. Here’s the latest pack, the Fallen Light Pack, and what it includes.

It’s always a treat for these kind of packs to be released on the Item Shop, as players who purchase them are treated with a full cosmetic set and a few cheaply-priced V-Bucks. This pack includes a recolored Ark Skin, one of the most expensive outfits ever seen in the Item Shop. However, this pack will transform the normally benevolent angel into the shadow of herself.

This time around, the Fallen Light Pack is reminiscent of old Fortnite starter packs. For just $ 3.99, players can get the following:

The V-Bucks included in the pack themselves are already worth buying, and it’s cool to see a re-released 2,000 V-Buck outfit for a significantly lower price, considering the recolorations made to Ark. . Especially with a full set that players can customize with other skins, purchasing this pack should seem like a no-brainer for most players.

The Fallen Light Pack is available to purchase now from the Item Shop for $ 3.99.

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