Carucci Take2: Bills and Josh Allen were never going to wait for a contract extension

The Bills have known what they got in Allen since making him the seventh overall pick in the 2018 Draft.

ORCHARD PARK, NY – Of course, both sides were going to be patient and focus on the immediacy of preparing for the season rather than dealing with securing a long-term contract extension.

Cut off negotiations if something is not done by the start of the regular season? Sure.

No distraction if it doesn’t happen now? Sure.

Oh, that was a laudable effort from Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills, but in the end you knew there was a lot more urgency in the negotiations than quarterback or GM Brandon Beane did. hinted in public.

The historic transactions that mark the course of a franchise for years to come don’t wait. Once this ball rolls, it won’t stop until the pen meets the paper. As ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported, Allen got a phone call around 3 or 4 a.m. on Friday informing him that a deal was near. It’s fair to say that someone was burning the proverbial midnight oil.

And the point is, only a little over a week of training camp training passed before Friday’s announcement that the Bills had signed Allen to a six-year contract. According to ESPN, he’s worth up to $ 253 million, including $ 150 million in guarantees and $ 100 million fully guaranteed at signing.

No professional athlete in Buffalo history has been paid more and no NFL player has received more guaranteed money.

It was the smarter way to go for Allen and the Bills.

Now, Allen doesn’t have to step foot on the field for a preseason or regular season game with the slightest worry that he could get injured and put his massive salary in jeopardy.

Now the Bills don’t have to worry that the price they would pay for Allen this year doesn’t rise even higher in the stratosphere next year because he’s playing at least as well as he did. in 2020.

The Bills have known what they’ve got in Allen since making him the seventh overall pick in the 2018 Draft. Despite a few rookie tremors, there were some basic elements to his game, both physically and mentally, that were easily identifiable for improvement. Allen just needed to get to work, and he did. He took notable action in 2019 and made a huge leap in 2020, when he led an offense that placed second in the NFL in total points and yards, and was second in the MVP vote.

That was enough to convince the team, without a shadow of a doubt, that they finally had their first franchise quarterback since Jim Kelly.

It was also enough to establish Allen’s place at the top of his draft class and take the worry out of getting him to sign something that would soon become obsolete.

While it’s possible his contract will be overtaken by the extension to which the Baltimore Ravens ultimately sign Lamar Jackson or the Cleveland Browns ultimately sign Baker Mayfield, it seems unlikely.

Allen’s salary sets a benchmark for other QBs, but it’s hard to imagine either doing better. At least not in the near future.

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