In the many years since its inception, A BATHING APE has had no shortage of iconic pieces, ranging from camo hoodies to wildly colorful sneakers. And what started with the BAPE STA quickly grew into a full catalog of staple silhouettes, such as the Manhunt, SKULL STA, ROAD STA, and more. On top of this base, the streetwear brand continued to introduce several new models; and just over a year ago, one such pair – the COURT STA – was leaked to the public.

New and likely to remain so, the COURT STA effectively builds on its most notable predecessor, the BAPE STA. But while the latter made a name for itself with patent leather and crazy colorways, this shoe begins (and, simultaneously, ends) its legacy in black and gray. This neutral base serves as the canvas for a number of A BATHING APE’s signature details, from the STA logo to the ABC camo-inspired debossed pattern.

Currently sitting on eBay for a small asking price of US$10,000, the COURT STA won’t be landing at retailers or BAPE locations anytime soon. But if you own SNKR FRENS – and also have some SNKR BRICKS to spare – you might be able to win a pair for yourself, we’re lucky to have six pairs that we’ll raffle off to our community Web3. A significant upgrade to our giveaways on SN Insider, this raffle will be hosted on our new SNKR BRICKS store and is now live. SNKR FRENS holders can redeem a maximum of 5 entries using their SNKR BRICKS; six winners will then be randomly selected using Google’s random number generator, with the entire process streamed live for transparency.

For more details on the raffle or if you want to join our Web3 community, head over to Discord under Announcements, where we’ve detailed the whole process.

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