APC Reports Profit Growth | Express & Star

The Cannock-based company announced a 53% increase in profits to £ 9.2million for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021.

According to APC, the effects of the pandemic were seen early in the fiscal year, with door-to-door deliveries becoming more popular than deliveries to businesses for its 35,000 customers.

As a result of the boom in e-commerce, APC has experienced significant growth across all services, particularly in its fragile and liquid niche services, with the food and beverage sector being the largest growth sector in the world. the year.

Jonathan Smith, Managing Director of APC, said: “Throughout the pandemic, we have seen an increasing demand for parcel services, driven by an increase in consumer e-commerce activity and the preference for delivery. home. But what is perhaps most impressive, in response to this shift in buying habits, we have seen so many of our SME clients adapt quickly, proving their resilience and entrepreneurial spirit and thrive. Consequently. It is this resilience of the SME community that has largely contributed to the growth we have seen throughout our network.

“We have worked tirelessly to support our 35,000 customers, recognizing their changing needs and investing in our business to support this evolution. The pandemic has fundamentally changed the form of distribution, and indeed the whole dynamic of the industry; how people shop, how people need deliveries and their delivery expectations. This has required a structural change in our business and will continue to shape our priorities in the months to come. “

In response to growing demand on its network, APC has made significant investments to support delivery operations and increase the capacity of its secondary hub, including additional sorting equipment and portable devices. The company has also invested in its service offerings, to respond to the shift towards the business-to-consumer market, by introducing Saturday as a full delivery day option.

Anticipating the continued demand for delivery services, APC has also planned further investments in both its hub operations and the London delivery area.

In addition to investing in its business operations, APC is also committed to investing more in its workforce. At the start of the year, the company concluded its shareholding structure, allowing all deposits in the APC network to take a stake. The company has also implemented a stock option plan, which rewards all long-term employees with more than 10 years of service.

Corina Forman, Director of Human Resources at APC, said: “This year has naturally been difficult for many. Throughout this time, we have worked hard to maintain job security and opportunity for all of our employees, continuing to provide them with the training and skills they need to realize their potential. But we also understand the importance of focusing on and providing staff with initiatives that support their health and well-being.

“We firmly believe that investing in our people in this way pays long term dividends. People who feel supported and recognized within the company tend to identify strongly with our values ​​and develop safe social networks – these factors combine to support excellent service delivery.

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