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McCORDSVILLE – A developer wants to bring more than 430 new homes to the south of the city.

The proposed neighborhood would be split into two parts – one with more traditional single-family homes and the other with a smaller, low-maintenance product for empty nesters. The leaders are more favorable to the former but are concerned about the latter. They also want to make sure that the project fits well with the one planned nearby.

Indianapolis-based Arbor Homes and Silverthorne Homes continue development, called Shadow Grove, on just over 200 acres west of Mt. Comfort Road and north of County Road 600N, with County Road 650N cutting off the site in two.

Caitlin Dopher, senior rights manager for Arbor Homes, told McCordsville City Council members earlier this week that the nearly 130 acres north of County Road 650N are proposed to contain 246 lots of Silverthorne product. Homes. These come in 11 different floor plans as well as one or two floors, with base sizes ranging from 1,800 to 3,300 square feet. Dopher predicts average prices ranging from $ 450,000 to $ 475,000. The minimum lot size in this part of Shadow Grove would be just over 10,000 square feet.

South of County Road 650N there would be a low maintenance community on 78 acres with 188 lots intended for empty nesters. This product consists of ranches with five floor plans ranging from 1,500 to 3,200 square feet. The minimum lot size would be 7,800 square feet. Dopher said all yards in the southern section will have sodding and irrigation systems, and added that the section will restrict playing fields, trampolines and basketball goals. She anticipates prices between $ 375,000 and $ 395,000.

“We are really excited about this project; we think it’s a great choice for the city, ”said Dopher.

Arbor Homes and Silverthorne Homes are considering changing the site’s zoning from its current residential designations to a planned unit development that would have specific development standards that developers and city officials agree to.

One of the proposed architectural standards requires masonry on half of the houses. It is proposed to ban vinyl siding in the northern section, but Dopher asked authorities to consider allowing it in the southern section, adding that it would require less maintenance than fiber cement siding.

Officials have expressed concerns about the vinyl siding given the proposed development’s proximity to Mt. Comfort Road.

“I think it would be a different problem if it was one of these big internal farm plots, but it’s right in our hallway,” City Council member Larry Longman said.

Executives said they also wanted to make sure the homes in the northern section fit well with another planned residential development just to the north. Grand Communities, an Erlanger, Ky. Based land development company affiliated with Fischer Homes, is suing a neighborhood called Broadview Farms. The firms offer low-maintenance townhouses, duplexes and lots as well as lots 50, 60 and 80 feet wide for traditional single-family homes. The 80 foot lots of Broadview Farms are offered near the northern section of Shadow Grove.

The city wants Shadow Grove to also include an attached home product due to planned future commercial uses in the Mt. Comfort Road and County Road 600N area. Dopher noted that about 3.7 acres had been set aside for this. She added that while neither Arbor nor Silverthorne offer an attached product, the companies are willing to have conversations and negotiations with the builders that do.

Shadow Grove is also said to have a trail system and preserve around 13.5 acres of woodland, where developers are seeking feedback from city leaders on potential neighborhood campsites. City council members liked the preservation of the woods and were open to campsites, but wondered how they would be watched.

Facilities on the north side would include a swimming pool, pool house and playground, while the south side would have a community garden and gardens for pollinators.

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