$276. A step-by-step guide to buying a dollar without stocks

After a chaotic month of July, which began with the departure of Martin Guzmán from the Ministry of Economy, Looks like the market has given the green signal Again Driven by Sergio Massa, who had left the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies Super Minister of Economy, Production and Agriculturedue: blue dollar crash 30 pesos in the last 48 hours, while Tax dollars also $300. fell from,

in this line, Dollar counted with settlement ,CCA) closed Friday at $288.28 in its version with AL30 and GD30 and $289.11 in its price via CEDEARS. For its part, the dollar electronic payment market ,European deputy) also called dollar bag It ended the week at $276.60 and $276.71 for its GD30 trade.

Although MEP dollars are more expensive than savings dollarsCan be a good option to store value as it allows you to get North American currencies unlimited $200 Monthly dollar savings.

However, those who have purchased MEP dollars in the last 90 days will also not be able to purchase savings dollars made at 226 pesos (240 pesos for overseas purchases) and vice versa.

What is the MEP Dollar

The MEP dollar is an exchange rate that comes from buy and sell bonds In the security financial market in the country. like always The AL30 bonus is used It is listed in both pesos and dollars, although the GD30, which shares this feature, can also be used.

The operation consists of buying the security in pesos (for example AL30) then reselling it in dollars (AL30D), which can Transfer to a bank account located in the country,

The main advantage is that it has a Transparent process adjusted to all existing rules and regulationsUnlike the blue dollar which is an illegal market.

Legal dollars without stock and cheaper out of the blue

Dollar MEP today: Sanctions

even if he The exchange rate does not directly affect the priceAt least not for humans, there are four types of restrictions that prevent their access to currency:

  1. who has Solidarity Dollars purchased in the last 90 days
  2. They can only be made by monotributists and registered managers who have accessed 0% credit
  3. nor those who have UVA Mortgage Loan
  4. people who asked credit card refinance as part of Communication from the Central Bank A 6937,

5 steps to buy MEP dollars

Equity Economist explains to BAE Negocios in Macro Rossio Vamonde What are the steps to follow to access the Dollar Market:

1) open a customer account

The first step is to open a customer account. This type of account is an essential vehicle for operating in the capital market and can be completely virtualtakes place through a joint-stock company (ALyC) and only the DNI and proof of the origin of the funds (salary receipts, monotax, etc.) are required.

2) Fund the original account

Once the original account is opened, the transfer is made to AlyC’s account. For a few hours, activity will appear in the account and you can perform operations. Incoming and outgoing transfers only Can be done in the accounts of the same owner,

3) Buy AL30

With Argentine peso funds in the basic account, you can start operations. For the purchase of MEP dollars, the AL30 bond is used, which is quoted in pesos and dollars. With the amount of pesos transferred, a certain amount of the face value (volume) of the AL30 bond is purchased.

4) Parking

Creation of the national securities commission parking one working dayThe regulations establish that The bonus must remain on the basic account for at least 24 business hoursTherefore, transactions cannot be made on weekends, which is the case with other types of exchange.

5) AL30D. reversed

After the minimum period prescribed by the CNV, Sell ​​the same amount of purchased nominated titlesBut en AL30DThis last D represents the price of this bond, but in dollars.

In other words, securities bought in pesos are sold in dollars. “It’s the mechanism by which we get foreign currency,” Vamonde explained.

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