15 Rare Funko Pops That Are Worth A Fortune Now

Funko Pops aren’t something that most people consider to be expensive. These cute little figurines tend to be bought in stores for a small amount of money and make a great gift or collectible. They come in a variety of personas, from fast food giants to pop culture icons, and they’re known for their iconic and endearing expression, which was designed very deliberately to entice people into buying them.

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Over the years, however, Funko Pops have become so popular that some of these little figures have become extremely rare and are now worth a fortune. Funko Pops continue to dominate the collector’s world, with new figures released regularly and coveted exclusives from special events and conventions or major corporations.

Updated September 15, 2022 by Declan Lowthian: Although Funko Pops aren’t quite the cultural juggernaut they once were, they continue to rack up value in the collector market. The value of most numbers on this list has only increased over time, so we’ve updated this information to reflect the true stamina of these empty-eyed bigheads. All price estimates are courtesy of hobbydb.

Estimated value: $910

This cheerful, cheerful metallic variant of SpongeBob SquarePants is worth quite a bit, although its value has gone down a lot over the past couple of years. However, this metallic SpongeBob should not be confused with the Amazon-exclusive Gold All-Metal Funko Pop SpongeBob, as the latter is worth much less.

This Pop was released as part of the 2013 “Fan Shellabration” event and is sure to brighten anyone’s day with his cheeky little smile. SpongeBob’s design lends itself well to the Funko Pop style, and this brilliant figure is sure to catch the eye of any collector or investor.

14 Headless Ned Stark

Estimated value: $1,200

Not only is this Ned Stark figurine from game of thrones make everyone sad by remembering the fallen main character, but the head is actually detachable as a reminder of his terrible fate. Apparently, people like to reenact the tragedy that happened at the end of the first book and the first season in a cute, big-headed form.

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Headless Ned Stark is another San Diego Comic-Con Funko Pop, which probably explains the high price tag. Only time will tell if Dragon House will have all character deaths legendary enough to be immortalized in Funko Pop form.

13 Lotso (flocked)

Estimated value: $1,780

Lotso could be the big surprise villain of Toy Story 3, but apparently it is quite popular in the secondary market. This super soft flocked variant of his Funko Pop costs almost ten times more than the base version, which itself is very expensive.

Like many other convention exclusives, there were only 480 of these little bears. Anyone looking to fulfill their Al’s Toy Barn toy collecting dreams will have to shell out a pretty penny for this textured teddy bear figurine.

12 Bone Daddy (red suit, phosphorescent)

Estimated value: $1,840

The rather dapper, glow-in-the-dark red variant of the Bone Daddy figure is by far the most expensive. However, this might not always be the case. This figure was originally released in 2018, and its value has steadily declined since it was released.

If its price continues to drop, the glow in the dark Bone Daddy might just disappear from the market. Anyone wanting a cheaper version of this character can get the non-shiny version for around $200, or the basic purple version for under $50.

11 Loki (Avengers)

Estimated value: $1,900

Loki has managed to steal the show since appearing in the very first Thor film. It looks like he’s also out to steal some cash with his coveted San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Funko Pop. This particular figure saw massive price spikes in 2021, but has stabilized recently.

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San Diego Comic-Con exclusives often hold their value quite well, but it’s far from a safe bet. Loki’s price has fluctuated like all collectibles, proving he’s as reliable an investment as he is a superhero and brother.

ten shadow soldier

Estimated value: $2,020

Another San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, this cute little star wars Funko Pop was released in 2011, long before Shadow Troopers appeared in any Star wars movies. It’s older than many of the most beloved Pops since its release at the 2011 convention, shortly after Funko Pops became a phenomenon in 2010.

Even though the Shadow Trooper is older, it’s not worth as much as some of the 2012/2013 exclusives. Still, it’s worth a pretty penny and its value has only increased in the years since it entered the collector market.

9 Mr. Incredible (blue suit)

Estimated value: $2,070

Disney has a large fan base on its own, so all DisneyxFunko figures are sure to do well. There are a good number of Disney Pops that hold their worth in any collection, and Mr. Incredible is one of them. But arguably the most treasured Mr. Incredible Funko Pop is the exclusive San Diego Comic-Con 2011 blue costume.

Only 480 of these numbers have been made in total, so it’s easy to assume that they will only continue to increase in value. Mr. Incredible’s blue suit isn’t nearly as iconic as his red look, but this design’s electric blue color scheme looks as good on the shelf as it does in the movie.

8 Mike Wazowski (Glow in the Dark)

Estimated value: $2,250

Mike Wazowski is easily one of the most lovable characters in Monsters Inc., and he is apparently also one of the most valuable. The limited-edition Glow in the Dark Chase variant that was released at San Diego Comic-Con in 2011 is valued at just over $2,000.

There were only 480 copies of this particular version, which means that their price will probably only ever increase due to their rarity. This blocky version of Pixar’s iconic green monster glows in the dark, making it a perfect shelf ornament for any time of day.

Estimated value: $2,940

When it comes to Funko Pops, there are different levels of rarity. While the price of San Diego Comic-Con can skyrocket, the limited-edition Chase variants of Pop figures can also fetch a pretty penny. The Chase variant of the Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze figure is just one example, as its value has been steadily climbing for most of this year.

This Pop figure has Hendrix in a gold jacket with purple pants, instead of the normal figure’s blue jacket with purple pants. The figure also features metallic paint on his clothing and his signature headband. Hendrix has his eyes closed and plays along to his ever-popular classic “Purple Haze.”

6 Planet Arlia Vegeta

Estimated value: $3,220

Released in 2014, Planet Arlia Vegeta is another rare and very popular exclusive Funko Pop. He is widely known to be one of the most sought after characters, even though he is not as expensive as others. Yet it holds a price tag only the most dedicated Dragon Ball Z fan would probably spend.

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Exclusive to New York Comic-Con/Toy Tokyo, this Pop was available to people other than those who flock to San Diego Comic-Con each year. Still, the convention exclusives are clearly the ones to watch and the ones that gain in value.

Estimated value: $3,320

Batman has been popular for decades, so it’s no surprise that a Batman Funko Pop figure has value for years to come. This San Diego Comic-Con 2010 exclusive has fluctuated in value over the years, but it’s still quite valuable.

Many exclusive Funko Pop figures use a metallic layer to stand out from their originals. But Metallic Blue Batman maintains a matte layer over Batman’s skin, reserving the metallic sheen to the famous normally black hood and ears.

4 Hopper (gold)

Estimated value: $3,570

If there’s anything certain about Funko Pops, it’s that the limited-edition San Diego Comic-Con exclusives are highly sought after, and the metallic gold variants are a win, too. The golden Hopper figurine from stranger things is a winning combination of both.

This version of Hopper is super rare, as there have only been 40 in total. Gold Hopper’s price has skyrocketed over the past two years, no doubt in part due to the runaway success of stranger things other seasons. An autographed version by David Harbor is priced even higher at around $6,500.

3 Holographic Darth Maul

Estimated value: $5,980

Funko released a bunch of star wars pops, but the rarest of them all is the holographic Darth Maul. Originally unveiled as a limited Pop at San Diego Comic-Con, it quickly rose in value when all sold out. This particular Funko more than doubled in price in 2020, but has since dropped slightly.

Darth Maul has not featured prominently in any star wars material since its appearance in Solo, but he’s been a fan favorite since his introduction. Although this Funko Pop figure has lost value, it is sure to remain cherished for years to come.

2 Dumbo (clown painting)

Estimated value: $6,640

A 2013 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, the clown paint version of Dumbo is just one of many Funko Pop iterations of the famous pachyderm. It makes sense that Funko ended up with a line of Disney Pops – their goal being to make each figure extremely cute and engaging, and Disney having a plethora of characters that make that job easier.

While Clown Paint Dumbo is the most expensive Dumbo Funko Pop, others also fetch a pretty penny. Most notably, the Silver Dumbo is worth around $520, while the Gold version is worth almost $2,000.

1 Freddie Funko (Iron Man/Tony Stark)

Estimated value: $38,660

Freddy Funko is the mascot of the Funko company, who likes to have a little fun and release various Freddy Funko figures combined with other pop culture characters. Lots of Freddy Funkos are worth a lot, especially this San Diego Comic-Con exclusive that has Freddy dressed as Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit.

This Funko Pop has exploded in price over the past few years, absolutely knocking the competition out of the water. Whoever was able to keep one of them could one day find themselves as rich as Tony Stark himself.

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